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Hey, my snowbird friends!

The wise philosopher reminds us to "remember where you came from" ..and that's the Midwest, the Heartland of the nation.  We're here to develop a link between back home and the "land of endless summers".  Maybe we can help keep track of things going on down south while we're summering up north. And maybe you can share some ways to make our annual trek a bit easier.

The parade happened...and it was MAGNIFICENT!!

The St. Patrick's Day Parade was a SMASHING SUCCESS.   NO one.. not anywhere could have had more fun! Jump over to the 'St. Patrick's Day page and see the photos as they roll in.  You all did a magnificent job in making it happen.  So proud!

Southwest Florida Real Estate ...Big Jump!

The Naples area housing market's January 2014 MLS statistics show an 18% increase in overall median closed price for the 12 months ending January, 2013 over the corresponding period last year.  Prices rise when demand is greater than supply and, as you might guess, inventories have fallen 15% .  We have the Naples Realtor report and will be happy to share how the single family vs condos compare as well as how each price range differed. For example, the number of Luxury condos (over $2 million)sold rose 70%;  my oh my!   For your general info, Collier County enjoyed January visits from 180,600 folks escaping the winter weather up north.  Since the permanent population is approx 350,000, that means that the population increased by over 50% in January.  Welcome! 
Source:CoreLogic, Irvine, CA: Jan 2014  vs Jan 2013 sales prices:  Cape Coral-Ft Myers +13.3%

Info derived fm diff sources may include  other factors that may account for some divergence in numbers.  We do the best that we can.

Time To Join Up!

Join up and bring your friends with you. This is a chance to be a founding member and you'll love the price... zero. We welcome all.  Just click here and you will be whisked to our easy 'Join Up" page; it's pain-free, Come by yourself or bring your friends. Do it now!  Thanks

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