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New season --super new St Patrick's Day Parade!


The wise philosopher reminds us to "remember where you came from" ..and that's the Midwest, the Heartland of the nation. 
We're here to develop a link between back home and the "land of endless summers".  Also, maybe you can share some ways to make our annual trek a bit easier. Bob Griffith.

The 2015 parade was GREAT!  Check out the photos.

Click on the St Patrick's Day Parade tab above and see the photos of you on our super day.
There are also videos that capture the fun that we all enjoyed on Saturday, March 14, 2015.

If you have photos that you would like to share, email them to
chicagolandflorida@comcast.net and we'll try to include them in our next edition.

Home Prices Up 14% in 2015

National Assn of REALTORS data shows home prices rose 7.7%, nationally, in 2015 over the comparable period in 2014.
But what about the Naples and Marco Island area? Great news! NABOR reports our home values rose by a whopping 14%.

Lots of great reasons for those of us who have found our sunshine paradise

Time To Join Up!

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We have new sponsors ALL of whom were selected because they
provide proven, valuable services that we can all use. They include:

                                                            Aurelio' s Pizza in Naples.  The same Aurelio's with over 40 restaurants in Chicago.

                                                           Beefstro's near Naples Blvd  If you're getting an urge for a real Chicago hot dog (plus a lot more)

                                                            Chicago based USLC Auto Transport -specializing in direct Chicago to Southwest Florida auto transport

                                                           Robert Ramirez, a seasoned attorney who knows and practices the law in both Florida and Illinois

Click on Services and Supporters tab, above, to learn more!  

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